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In this podcast, I focus on closing the gap between what is important and how we use our time, money, energy, and attention. That starts with discovering what's actually important to each of us. Each ~5 minute episode contains an idea that will keep you thinking all day long.
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About Behavior Gap Radio

Greetings, Carl here.

You want to know something that drives me crazy?

I mean, it's drives me absolutely nuts!

What I SAY is important to me and what I ACTUALLY DO don't always line up.

Now, I may be out on a limb here, but if you're a human (and I assume you are), then this might be true of you sometimes, too.

Or maybe it's true more often than not.

The gap between what's truly important to me and what I actually do is fascinating (and frustrating!) to me.

How can we sort out how to align our use of capital (which I define as time, money, attention, and energy) with what's truly important to each of us?

I wrote a weekly column for The New York Times for 10 years exploring that alignment, written two books on it, and done an endless string of public projects around it.

Recently, I've focused all of my energy into answering this question on this podcast.

Behavior Gap Radio is a subscribers-only podcast where I share a daily idea on doing work that matters, aligning our capital with what's important to us, and generally living a life full of adventure.

Won't you join me?

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